Frontend template for multipurpose & real estate (Project Management Tools)


Frontend for multipurpose & real estates is a new frontend for SmartEnd dashboard.



  • All features of SmartEnd script is available.
  • Demo preview photos not included.
  • Responsive Bootstrap Flat Design.
  • Two Languages ( English & Arabic ).
  • Two directions RTL and LTR.
  • Ability to control style settings and colors.
  • Ability to control logo,fav icon, backgrounds.
  • Dynamic menus and pages.
  • All topics type: text pages, photos, videos add audios.
  • Multi maps and locations with every topic
  • Multi Photos with every topics.
  • Enable/Disable Comments.
  • Get all topics for every user.
  • Search Engine in all site sections.
  • Enable/Disable Order form for every topic.
  • Topic details format with advanced text editor.
  • Multi categories with Fontawesome icons.
  • Ajax forms for contact page, newsletter subscribe, comments and orders.
  • Ability to enable or disable Captcha.
  • Multi places for Ad Banners.
  • Home page slide show banners
  • Latest topics on home page
  • Control all social networks links.
  • Share script for : facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and pintrest.
  • Visits counter for every page.
  • Most Viewed for every section.
  • Two styles for footer.
  • Enable/Disable newsletter subscription form.
  • Enable/Disable Pre loader.


  • You must have SmartEnd dashboard pre installed.
  • Upload & Replace “app/Http/Controllers/FrontendHomeController.php” file to this path in your project:
  • Upload & Replace “resources/views/frontEnd” folder to this path: resources/views/
  • Upload & Replace “public/frontEnd” folder to this path: public/frontEnd/
  • Optional: To install the demo contents continue to the next Step.

Demo Contents installation (Optional):

  • Upload & Replace “uploads” folder to this path in your project:
  • Set permissions for upload folder and it’s sub folders to : 777
  • To install the Database Drop all old tables & import this file “demo_contents.sql”
  • Add two new language vars to this file “resources/lang/en/backLang.php” and also to “ar/backLang.php”
        'PropertiesForSale' => 'Sale Properties',
        'PropertiesForRent' => 'Rent Properties',

    You can change translation as you need.


December 15, 2017

Release of this script on Codecanyon.

Source link

Live Demo



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