MiTube – The YouTube Autopilot Engine You Deserve! (Search)


MiTube is yet another YouTube API Engine. But unlike others its limitless on features and customization. Featuring Customizable permalinks, API Swapping Modes and so on. With MiTube you won’t regret buying another YouTube API Engine powered by some bloated framework that ended up crushing your hosting.


  • All Videos Supported
  • Customize-able Permalinks
  • Blocking videos, search queries, channels as per DMCA notice
  • Unique 1API per 1 Hour and random API swapping mode.
  • SEO Friendly, Includes OpenGraph tags for social media and search engines along with
    breadcrumbs as well.
  • Theme-able front end. With device based theme switcher. ( Themes are sold separately. )
  • Unlimited Sitemaps generated dynamically from user search terms.
  • Supports video downloading within the app, doesn’t rely on any third party service.
  • More to come.. ;)

Live Demo

No more description, check it out live at:

Admin Dashboard

Why don’t just see the awesomeness from inside?


Username: Miraz
Password: Ananya

For Buyers

Please take your time to leave a review after purchasing and trying the script. Review if you have liked it, drop a review even if you didn’t like it! This would help me in a lot of ways. Thanks!

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Live Demo



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