Auru – Multiple Ajax Upload & Remote Upload I Bulk/Mass Delete I File Manager (Loaders and Uploaders)



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  • AURU

    Multiple Ajax Upload & Remote Upload

    Auru is a multiple ajax files uploader embedded with a bunch of functions allowing it to upload files to the server fastly and wihtout any hurdle. It also contains a Remote Uploader for transloading files to the server without having to download files to computer and then reuploading to the server ,thus saves time and bandwith. Another superb function of Auru is Bulk/Mass File Delete allowing the user to easily remove a number of files having a specific extension from a folder ,safe and fast. A Powerfull File Manager to explore folders and files allowing delete,rename,copy/move files,zip archieve..etc.

    Updates History

    19.10.2017 - ver 1.0
        [Fix] Purchase code verification issue.
    04.08.2017 - ver 1.0
        ~ Initial release.

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