CommentTag Machine – A FB Inboxer Add-on for tagging post commenters of Facebook Pages (Social Networking)


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Introducing CommentTagMachine

CommentTagMachine allows to:
1. Auto Reply comment with tagging the commenter
2. Auto comment your post by tagging all commenter

Mentioning commenter in reply will make it more personalize and Notification will be sent to commenter.
Auto comment on post by tagging all commenter- so all the commenter will get notification about your comment and see it.


1. Whom I can tag in comment auto comment reply ?

In comment auto reply we support to tag the user who commented. Like “Hi @Rober Stephen”. That will send the commenter, a notification from Facebook that “Page mention your name in comment”.

2. Whom I can tag in auto comment ?
You can comment in your page’s posts. When you comment on post, you can tag all users who commented on that posts.

3.How many tags allowed in a auto comment?
You must choose the commenter range whom do you want to tag. By default the range interval is 50, you can change it from application/modules/commenttagmachine/config/commenttagmachine_config.php, it is 50 because facebook may block your tagging ability temporarily for huge tag in short period of time.

4. Can I set campaign for all post of the page in a single campaign ?
No, You can set campaign by post wise.


Our team is ready to solve your problem as soon as possible. We are using support ticket system for easy management of client issues. Feel free to open tickets to our support desk. When you create a ticket, please provide your envato username & purchase code.

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