Domino Real Estate Property Listing Cms (Miscellaneous)


Domino is the most flexible and easy to use real estate management system. It handles property listing without any complexity providing both customers and agents a great user experience.


  • Create Estates
  • The estates or properties you want to display on your site, comes from the estate listing that can be created by an registered agent or as an admin you can also create an estate to show on your site. From the navigation menu, you need to hit the create estate link which will lead you to a page where you can enter all the necessary information about the property or estate. You can select the property for rent or for sale by choosing a purpose for the estate. You also have the ability to set different amenities which are available within that estate or property you are creating. Of course, those amenities are customizable. You can add as many amenities as you want. You can also add distance fields while creating an estate or property. The address you provide will be reverse geocoded and will be shown on google map for better visualization of the location. While creating an estate you can add one image (featured image) which will work as a thumbnail image for the property. Later on you can add multiple images of the property.

  • Estate Listing
  • The estates you create and created by other agents is presented on this page. Here, you can see the list of all the properties that are being showcased on your site. From the property listing page, you can edit the existing property or can completely remove a property from the list.

  • Locations
  • Amenities

  • Distance Fields
  • Package Management
  • Admin has the ability to create his preferred packages with some restrictions for agents. He can set a custom value or price for a specific package which later on agents can purchase and the estate uploading limits will be set for that particular agent according to the package.

  • Agent Management
  • Admin has the capability to see a list of all the agents and if he finds any irregularity or anything unusual he can disable the agent account so that the agent can not upload any property or can manage something.

  • Pages and Menus
  • It is custom page builder which will be reflected in the frontend. From create new page. You can set the page name and your custom url. If you select Manual. You will get a text box. There you can enter manual page contents. After saving your page will be reflected on the menu and it will be accessible. In the menus tab you will see your current active pages in order. You can reorder menu items by drag and drop. You can also create submenu items. After saving it will be reflected on the front end.

  • Widgets
  • There are two sub-menus here. From the widgets tab you can create custom widgets as you like. Just create a widget then paste your code from the edit. It can be any custom codes like adsense, banner or even php codes. Then simply save the code. From the widget position menu, you will get access to a page where we prepared custom widget position for the front end. Simply select a position you want to edit and click show. Then you will get the available and active widget list on left and right. Simply drag and drop widgets from left to right. You can position your widgets by drag and drop. It is similar to WordPress widget.

  • Paypal, Stripe, Recaptcha, Google Maps integrated<l/i>
  • Multi-language

Update History

Version 1.0 – November 12, 2017

 - Initial release


  • Apache server for running php
  • PHP version 5.6
  • Database access,purchase code during installation
  • Php curl should be enabled
  • One purchase code is legal for using one domain only

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