Easy Gallery – PHP based No-Database Gallery Creator (Images and Media)


Easy Gallery is a complete solution for Web Image Gallery. Creating Gallery using PHP is made simple and fast. The Script will let you to create a gallery, making sub folder at your server and folder name as gallery name, then let you to upload (Multiple Easy Dropzone Uploader) images to your gallery. No need of any Database. Once uploaded it’s even faster to make the client version of the gallery. There are more than 10 sample galleries written in PHP and Bootstrap front end. Also for more advanced developers there HTML, XML and JSON. Images (jpg, png and gif) can enlarge and view like in a album even in Admin Area.

Simple Userfriendly Back End Interface

Multiple Uploader

Sample Galleries

Change Log

  1. 2017-12-21 : Update :grin: Initial Release
  2. 2017-12-26 : Update :grin: Gallery Deleting Option if Gallery is Blank.

Source link

Live Demo



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