Gastro – Restaurant app with delivery module – Laravel 5.4 (Shopping Carts)


`Gastro` is a web-desktop app combo created with Laravel 5.4 and .NET by Microsoft that allows you to easily manage your restaurant. The main features include multi-language support, multi-currency support, cart, galleries, categories, pages etc. The web app also includes a WYSIWG editor and drag-and-drop file uploads throughout the app. The app makes it easy for your customers to place orders directly from your website.

Admin demo (web)

Admin demo (desktop)

The real-time desktop app is currently not available for demonstration but is fully functional. There are a couple of screenshots in the screenshot viewer.

Product includes

  • Laravel 5.4 source code
  • VisualStudio . NET Project
  • Documentation / Quick start guid

Source link

Live Demo



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