iChat – Realtime PHP Live Support System (Help and Support Tools)


iChat – Realtime PHP Live Support System – the simplest, most powerful online chat script for your clients

Script Guide:

Admin account:
Username: : admin
Password: admin

Agent account:
Username: : agent
Password: agent

Visit: http://michael-designs.com/live-chat/ click on (Live Chat!) button, choose (EchoBot) in [Department] menu to chat with ChatBot

Let’s see what ‘iChat’ offers you..

1) Create Departments – Agents :
– You can create unlimited departments for support & billing ..etc and add agents to them.

2) Online, and Offline Conversations :
– Clients will chat with available online agents in different departments, but if no one is online the conversation will be saved and your agents can reply later on, the app will send the reply to customer’s email automatically.

3) Simple & Easy Integration :
– You can install the script and add it to any web page within seconds! just copy 2 lines of code to any webpage and the (Live Chat) button will appear, refer to the guide to walk you through this process.

4) Sound Notifications :
– if an agent receives a new chat request, a ringtone will play to notify him about incoming messages.

5) Developed just right :
– Our system contains advanced features such as automated installer and updater script, AJAX Navigation, infinite scrolling and dynamic AJAX forms.
– Build on Bootstrap 3.3 with valid CSS and pure PHP code written from scratch.

6) For integration with your own CMS, CRM systems please contact me and I’ll help you do it =)

Hope you like my new script and so excited to hear your opinion!

Note: Database gets reset everyday with dummy data to test all the basic functions ..

~ How to Update?! ~

First, take a database backup, upload the new version and replace files, run auto updater script [http://your-site.com/ichat/admin/install/update/]. That's it!

~ ChangeLog ~
Version 1.2 [23/11/2017]

1) [New] Emoji Support ;)
2) [New] Widget Chat -- Now your visitors can chat directly from your webpage ^_^
3) [New] User's info in active chat session

Version 1.0 [04/10/2017]

Initial Release

Source link

Live Demo



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