S3 File Uploader – Simply Drag and Drop Your Files To Upload Into The Cloud (Loaders and Uploaders)


This is a drag and drop script which allows you to create your own File Uploader to your web server (cPanel or otherwise) and Amazon S3 Bucket. 

Simply upload the script folder to your server after editing the client side and server side configuration (config.js and config.php) and you are done! 

You will be able to upload images, documents or any files directly to your Web server or Amazon S3 bucket and get a direct link to the uploaded file. You can also use Amazon Cloudfront to get CDN enabled links. 


  • Multiple File Upload
  • Progress Bar
  • Drag and Drop
  • Automatic Retry
  • Pause and Resume
  • Delete Uploaded Files
  • S3 Integration BuiltIn
  • Cloudfront Integration
  • Image Previews
  • Link Generation

Source link

Live Demo



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