T-rex Site Builder: Visual Site Builder v2.0 (Project Management Tools)


T-rex Site Builder is visual drag drop to create landing pages or static websites and support export websites as html in zip file

Live demo

Home page: http://sb.trexcms.com

Admin panel: http://sb.trexcms.com/admin user:admin pass:123456


  1. Friendly page builder with visual drag and drop
  2. Unlimited html websites or landing pages
  3. Multiple site with subfolder (ex: domain.com/sub1, domain.com/sub2,..)
  4. Export website as html in zip file
  5. Real time editor
  6. Inline editor
  7. CSS3 Animation
  8. Parallax background
  9. Context menu help to select, duplicate or delete the element
  10. Support Youtube and Vimeo
  11. Power user manager system, we can set permission via user group
  12. Multiple themes support
  13. Site template support
  14. Power settings
  15. Preview html file
  16. Test environment for desktop, tablet, mobile
  17. Support bootstrap theme
  18. Themes management
  19. Pugins management
  20. Languages management


  • Apache web server with mod_rewrite enabled
  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5+
  • PHP Mysqli extension
  • PHP GD extension

There are the difference with T-rex CMS:
– T-rex Site Builder create the static site, T-rex CMS create the dynamic site.
– T-rex Site Builder can export as zip file, T-rex CMS can’t.
– T-rex Site Builder have power page builder functions than T-rex CMS (ex: real time editor, inline editor, context menu action,..).
– T-rex Site Builder have Carousel Slider plugin, T-rex CMS don’t have.

– T-rex CMS have blog, mini shop, portfolio, image gallery and public user plugin (for dynamic site), T-rex Site Builder don’t have.


T-rex Site Builder: Visual Site Builder v1.1 2017-07-05
- Added Redo and Undo for builder.
- Added change font family (Google font), font weight, font size for builder.

T-rex Site Builder: Visual Site Builder v1.0 2017-07-05
- first release.

Tags: trex site builder, visual html, drag and drop, drag and drop builder, static site builder, landing page builder

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Live Demo



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