Web Awards – Site of the Day Platform (Miscellaneous)


Web Awards – Site of the Day Platform

This is a platform just like www.awwwards.com, www.cssawards.net and www.cssdesignawards.com

The Web Awards Features:-

  • No Errors.
  • Clean URLs
  • Great Design both frontend and Backend.
  • Forgot Password email notification

How to earn money with this system:-

  • 1. Site of the Day – costs $50
  • 2. Honerable Mention – costs $40

Note! You can change the above figures.

Support Includes:-

  • 1. Installation of the system
  • 2. Change of the site costs.

Our Email is themashabrand@gmail.com

Admin Login Credentials:-

User Login Credentials:-

We have 20 users in this system. So their emails are from avatar1@gmail.comavatar20@gmail.com

Password is password for all the users.

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