Enterprise Student/Renter Accommodation & Reservation Motel / Bed Booking (Project Management Tools)


Enterprise Student/Renter Accommodation & Reservation Motel / Bed Booking

It is a complete suite having a complete ERP + Search Engine

Features list is at the bottom of the page

Rent Space is a Students/Rent accommodation search engine and being managed by : Owners,
students/tenants and managers. 

Rent Space implements features like Online student accommodation Reservation, Bed Search, Accommodation Detail , and its complete management.

Online Bed Booking / Reservation system

Rent Space is advanced booking system.

  • Where should I live?
  • What buildings have student specials?
  • How early can I Sign in a lease?
  • How does the waiting list work? 

These were the simple questions that some of Student asked, but none could seemingly answer back Before. In short, Students needed a Website like RentSpace. So, we created it–who better to understand the challenges and needs of students looking for a place to live ? RentSpace – the only housing expert designed for students.

Rent Space – the only housing expert designed for students.

Demo Link : http://techdynamics.org/rent_space

ERP Login : http://techdynamics.org/portal

Role User ID Password
Super Admin superadmin superadmin
Owner owner owner
Accountant owner owner
Manager owner owner

Student / Tenant login : http://techdynamics.org/rent_space/home/login.php

Role User ID Password
Student/Tenant business@techdynamics.org 1111

Features/ Modules List


  • Student / Tenent 
  • Owner
  • Accountant
  • SuperAdmin
  • Manager
  • Lots more…


  • Front End
    • Search Engine
    • Student Portal
    • Lots more…


Features :

1. Student / Tenant 

  • Can search hotels/ motels/ villa/ droms or any property in any city 
  • Contact / mail its manager directly from search page
  • View property details like beds, rooms, price location ect
  • Book its request with his/ her details.
  • share this property within facebook
  • upload his / her documents for verifications by owner/manager 

    1.1 Student / Tenant Portal

  • can login into there account for management and other features
  • Opt for move out request
  • view his payment details
  • view his co tenant details
  • uploads / manages his documents
  • manages invoices
  • manages balances

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