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What is Soren accordion

The accordion menu is in fact derived from the name of the accordion, which means a type of wind instrument, part of which has a sprung air passage and a stepping step that the musician needs to do with his own hands to play the song. It stays altogether, this device is old enough and is used in many movies and serials as an instrument of destruction! Because of the similarity of this type of menu with this instrument, we call it the accordion.

Making accordion or collapsible menus and boxes is one of the capabilities that JavaScript and its libraries, such as jQuery, provide to web developers and programmers.

The interactive and beautiful nature of these types of menus gives the interface to the site or blog a lot of webmasters tend to use it.

Of course, in this case, we should always consider the compatibility, speed, and style of the pages, because although we can create very special effects on web pages, it should be noted that these effects are loading speed and compatibility of our site or blog in Different browsers and systems are not affected, so it’s always advisable to use low-volume code with the most compatibility.

What is Soren accordion

As we said, JavaScript can be used to create folders and folders. So Soren is one of the lightest and most consistent Accordion menu.

Soren is a responsive and simple code to use. It can even be used several times on a web page.

This plugin has 5 color schemes. But you can easily edit your color scheme.

Soren Accordion features

  • – Responsive
  • – Multiple useable in one page
  • – Simple and compact
  • – using font icons (material design icons)
  • – Css3 Html jQuery
  • – Browser supports
  • RTL support

How to use Soren accordion?

How users can use Soren accordion?

1. After you have purchased the plugin from the “Code” website, unzip the file.

2. Add soren css file from this folder into your project:

3. Add material design icon into your project for displaying accordion icons

4. Create html codes like preview file

5. Add your layout class in html codes “. layout1 , .layout2 , …”

6.Add JQuery library into your project

7. Add Soren js file into your project

8. Call the plugin according to the preview sample and run codes..

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