Autocomplete – Advanced Search and Autocomplete Jquery Plugin (Forms)


Autocomplete is an Jquery plugin for advanced multi category search as search suggestions. You can apply autocomplete plugin to any html element.

Technical Features

Autocomplete comes with the following unique features:

  • Supports both JSON and html output options.
  • Unique:Comes with PHP/MySQL demo to demonstrate html output
  • As a unique feature autocomplete provides a “did you mean” suggestion, please type tylro in demo and it will suggest you to search taylor instead.
  • As a unique feature, autocomplete provides a search redirect. Please test “iphone” and it will search “smart phone” instead.

Both of “did you mean” and “search redirect” features read data from different files.

Example Application

You can apply qualAutocomplete() method directly to the html element as follows.

Source link

Live Demo



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